Hands in Motion Athletics 
               California Family Fitness- Rocklin Sports Complex

       Is your homeschooled child missing out on organized team sports?

    All homeschooling families are invited to participate in this unique athletic          program.  Our purpose is to offer non-competitive, organized athletic skills, training, and scrimmages for homeschooling families.  All can participate, in order to enrich the school experience of the whole child and family. For grades 4th - 12th we will be focusing on Basketball, Nerf, Flag Football and Soccer along with warm-up activities of ultimate Frisbee, Relays, Kickball, and others. 
 1st-3rd grade classes rotate games and activities for fitness, coordination, balance, strengthening and is not sport specific. 

Volleyball   Nerf Wars    Basketball   Spikeball    Soccer   Flag Football         

A fun place for students to get out and be active, practice sports, and build friendships! 
Teamwork along with sportsmanlike conduct will be encouraged in games and scrimmages at the state-of-the-art facilities at California Family Fitness
Athletics held at California Family Fitness
Rocklin Sports Complex
2511 Warren Dr. Rocklin