Hands in Motion Launches
 Sacramento Area Charter School Athletic Conference   
 Is your homeschooled child missing out on organized team sports?

All homeschooling families are invited to participate in this unique athletics conference.  Our purpose is to offer coordinated and organized athletics and leagues for charter schools and independent homeschooling families, in which all can participate, to enrich the school experience of the whole child and family.

Spike Ball
Join us for one of the fastest growing sports. This class was created to give children who have an interest in playing sports an opportunity to engage with, practice with, and compete against other groups of children. Our goal is twofold; to come along side and train, teach character, build confidence, teach healthy life styles, and to help children perform better in school academics through team building. Whether your child has played in sports or is wanting to, this class is for them. For parents, this is a GREAT alternative to city programs and other leagues because you can use your charter funds and protect your family time since all practices and games are held during the school day. 


Grades 4-H.S.
Classes held at Cresthaven Park
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