Spring 2020 Class Descriptions
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Writing- Excellence in Writing (Grades 4-7) $185
Student Intensive Group A
Do you struggle with getting your student to write? Are you not sure what is enough for their grade level? Or do they love to write but need some help with structure and description? Then… we have the answer! Join us as we use Andrew Pudewa’s nationally acclaimed curriculum from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. We will take foundational writing styles one step at a time. Students will work on assignments in class with teacher support as well as peer support. Take home assignments with teacher grading and editing will be included. We will be using IEW Group A. Class is taught by Jennifier Androkitis who has a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in English. 
Required Text: Student Writing Intensive Level A [Notebook & Packet] can be purchased through Excellence in Writing web site. www.iew.com  $19 for binder/notebook or $10 for download.  
**Targets State Standards for Language Arts**
U.S Government- (Grades 6-H.S.) $195
Debate and Mock Court

In this class we will be learning how the founding fathers of
 America had the foresight to have separation of powers within
 our government so that no one branch becomes more powerful than another. We will be learning the branches of government, how to aspire to serve in the branches, and the duties of each.. Emphasis will be placed on the judiciary branch creating a mock court using non-political, non-violent case examples. Students will work with their team to develop cases for both the prosecution and defense sides; come competition time, they will have to be prepared to present both arguments. Each side will appoint students who will take on the roles of trial attorneys, witnesses, and pre-trial attorneys, in addition to one bailiff and one timekeeper. They will work together as a team to craft a strong, comprehensive, well-developed case that they will later present in competition. Before we head to court, we will learn how to gather facts, develop well thought out debate topics, and present our arguments in a well planned and respectful matter. Learning how to speak as well as listen to our opponents’ views will be emphasized. We will also be learning how to get involved in our own local government and what is meant by 
‘Representation of the people by the people.’

**Targets State Standards for History and US Government**

Story of the World- Medieval Times (Grades 4-8) $195 

Let’s explore history in a fun and interactive way. We’ll take a captivating tour through The Middle Ages as we work with maps, timelines, and PowerPoints. We’ll turn the pages of “The Story of the World” history curriculum as we take an integrated approach to the history of the whole world. Creating such projects as sugar-cube castles, make our own paper, and concoct a cauldron of Eye-of-Newt Soup.
Required Text: Students are required to purchase The Story of the World textbook Volume2: The Middle Ages by Susan Wise Bauer.  
Books can be purchased on Amazon or Rainbow Resource 

**Targets State Standards for History**

Tennis- Private and Semi-Private Available for all ages
Join us for some fun on the court. Chris Androkitis has been a professional tennis instructor for over 25 years. He is certified with the United States Tennis Registry and is skilled in especially working with children.  
It is encouraged for students to have their own racquets. Some are available for loan.

$65/hr. Private or Semi-Private Contact us for availability.
Classes held at Cresthaven Park just a couple blocks from the classroom.

**Targets State Standards for Physical Education**

Sewing- Welcome to Sewing (Ages 8 +) Beginner- Adv. $185
Learn how to sew. Join Mrs. Tina Rohl in learning how to operate your sewing machine to create beautiful projects. All levels of seamstresses are welcome as students will have the opportunity to work on individual projects. Topics covered will be: machine safety, threading, ripping a seam, sewing a button, stitching techniques, and creating various projects.
Students will need to bring their own machines to work on in class as well as a short supply list. See student materials 

Small Engines and Machines (Grades 5-H.S.) $195 

This hands-on course introduces 4-stroke engine components and system through labs. Students use small engine blocks to learn how each piece fits and works together to power the operation of four-cycle engines commonly found on lawn mowers, garden tractors, snow blowers, rotary tillers, chainsaws, and other equipment. Instructional topics include: principles of operation of internal combustion engines, routine maintenance along with disassembly of engine. Engine part identification and definitions of terms, such as torque and horsepower, are emphasized. Students will be paired up in teams to work on individual engines. In addition to the above topics, this class will give the students opportunities to become familiar and experienced in using mechanical hand tools.
 This class is designed to prepare students for our Small Engine Repair class. All tools will be provided. 
One semester class for new students.

**Targets State Standards for Science**

Science-  Middle School: Mondays (Grades 6-9) $210 
With Labs 

Kids ask real science questions. Our Science Labs for middle school enables them to discover real science answers. Science disciplines are so interlaced, to learn one subject requires a foundational understanding of another. This year-long curriculum, with its fun-filled Hands on Labs, addresses this by focusing on the five core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy.
Learn about acids, bases, pH, and acid-base neutralization, plus plotting data and nutritional chemistry. Discover different types of microscopes and their functions. Explore different types of protists and fungi (molds, yeasts, and mushrooms). Examine inertia, mass, friction, momentum, plus linear and non-linear motion. Study Earth as a system, its geosphere and atmosphere, how to use a star atlas, measuring time, different objects in our solar system, Earth's stellar neighbors, and exoplanets.
If you have completed the Hands-on Science Labs from above, this is the next class for you. Older grades may take this as a stand-alone class as Hands on Science is recommended but not required as pre-req.
Ninth grade students are welcome with the understanding this class does not qualify for A-G labs for H.S.
Required TextExploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 6 Student Textbook by Rebecca W. Keller
Books can be purchased on Amazon or Rainbow Resource
This book covers the entire school year. However, new students are welcome in Spring.

**Targets State Standards for Science- Experimentation**

Science- Hands On: Wednesdays (Grades 4-7) $225
With Labs (Some books available for rental)

Come learn about science in a fun, hands on class that will target your science standards for the year. No boring lectures just lots of creative activities and experiments to promote learning. Building a solid science foundation for your elementary- and junior high-age kids so they will be well-prepared for high school is our goal! We use Real Science 4 Kids as our curriculum. Real Science 4 Kids is engaging and focuses on fundamentals, giving your child a confidence with essential concepts and terms. Chemistry I is the first part of the Level I curriculum, which includes basic Chemistry (introduces children to college-level chemistry concepts such as the atom and periodic table, molecular bonding and chemical reactions. acid-base reactions, mixtures and separating mixtures, and large molecules such as carbohydrates, polymers and enzymes), Physics (concepts covered are: Laws of physics and the scientific method; force, work and energy; potential and kinetic energy; motion; chemical and electrical energy; current, magnets and electromagnets; light and sound energy; and conservation of energy). Biology (topics covered: taxonomy, the cell, the specialized organelle (the chloroplast), plants, protozoa, frog and butterfly life cycles, ecosystems and cycles).

Class runs for the entire school year; however, new students are welcome in Spring. Prices are per semester.
Required Text:  Real Science 4 Kids Level I or Middle School by Rebecca W. Keller
Text books are available for rental $25 per year. 
Lab materials will be provided. Lab Manuals are optional and can be purchased separately.
Books can be ordered on Amazon or  Rainbow Resource

Fall:  Chemistry/ Physics                                                           Spring: Physics/Biology

Students that have completed this course, please see Monday’s Advanced Middle School Science Labs above

​**Targets State Standards for Science- Experimentation**
PE- Nerf Boot Camp/ Nerf Tag-Outdoor Style-
Mondays (Grades 6-H.S.) $195 
Continuing and new students welcome

Dodge the Bullet!!!!... This class is created around the
 military boot camp format. A “Master Drill Sargent” will train the students in hurdling walls, shooting range/target practice, calisthenics, & obstacle courses, as they train to succeed at the “Nerf War Games!” ALL the exercise with DOUBLE THE FUN!!  
**New this year with Nerf Arrow Tag**
This Nerf class is geared towards the older student with more military structure, physical conditioning, and Nerf games. We will be using the new Rival Nerf Guns in battle outside on our Nerf battlefield as well as Arrow Tag Obstacle course. This is an outdoor “rain or shine class.” “What kid wouldn’t want to battle in the rain and mud?! Children need to come prepared for the weather. (on days of extreme weather instructor may cancel class) Part of the class time will be focused on strength training, obstacle course achievements, team work, and self- discipline. Objectives covered will be developing an appreciation of the importance of physical fitness, basic first-aid, and developing knowledge of team building and basic military skills.
Rival Nerf Guns and safety glasses are provided for class time. T-Shirt and Hats included. Purchase of Army tactical pants required.

**Targets State Standards for Physical Education**

PE- Nerf Rival Wars- Tuesdays (Grades 4-9) $185
Continuing and new students welcome

This Nerf class is for the kid who wants to see a little more action using the new Nerf Rival Guns. We will be focused mostly on fast pace Nerf Games in the gym along with battle strategies. We’ll talk about how warfare has changed throughout history as we discuss some “famous and not so famous” battles that the US Military was engaged in. Bring lots of WATER and wear good gym shoes- you’ll need it as you run around battling it out! 
 Nerf Rival guns and safety glasses will be provided for class time. T-shirt included.

**Targets State Standards for Physical Education**

PE-Minute to Get IT- (Grades 4-8) $185

Come join us for this fast pace class where everyone has a ton of fun. Here we will be reenacting some of the challenges from the TV series “Minute to Win It”. This is a great way to learn team building and create friendships. Each week we will be dividing into teams and work through blue prints that will challenge your depth perception, hand-eye coordination, agility, patience, and problem-solving techniques. No athletic experience required but come prepared for a good work out.

**Targets Standards for Physical Education**

PE—Games in the Gym (Grades 4-8) $175
Continuing and new students welcome

Parents, are you looking for a fun place for your children to get out and be active? Build friendships? In this class, the students will be playing, exercising, and learning all at the same time. Students will be exposed to sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and others. Teamwork and sportsmanlike conduct will be encouraged in non-competitive games. They will learn the proper techniques in stretching, strengthening, and conditioning for better health. Come join us for some healthy play.

**Targets Standards for Physical Education**

NEW- 1st-3rd Grade Program
Thursdays 10:00-11:50 $295       
‘Lil’ Hearts and Hands- STEAM

We are excited to offer a program for homeschooling families of students grades 1st through 3rd, to supplement what they are learning at home. This engaging Hands-On class will cover education in character traits and social skills, along with multiple subjects such as math, language arts, history, science, art, etc., all in an environment that is a safe, nurturing, and a fun Hands-On style of learning. Creating a place where kids can explore and learn their potential while building relationships with fellow homeschooling students is of high priority. Come join us in putting your little one’s Hands in Motion for learning.

Taught by Tina Rohl                                Charter vouchers accepted for Hands in Motion

Drone Aviation I & II (Grades 6-H.S.) $245-- STEAM
STEAM in the Sky 
Continuing and new students welcome

This exciting new STEAM course aims at immersing students in the unmanned aerial vehicles industry (UAV or Drones). This is an emerging industry. Students will be exposed to modeling and simulation technology that will prepare them for new in-demand career opportunities.
Our class objectives will focus on mastering the flight planes, execution of piloting the drones, and creating unique obstacle courses. Each drone is also equipped with a camera which we will use to create video clips of our adventures.
Space is limited.

**Targets State Standards for Science, Technology, and Mathematics**

 Electronics I – “Zap IT” (Grades 4-8) $195--STEAM

Give your child an exciting, hands-on introduction to electronics.  
From smart phones to appliances, digital circuits are all around us. 
This course provides a foundation for students who are interested in electrical engineering, electronics, or circuit design. Students will gain skills and knowledge through classroom and hands- on lab activities in the areas of basic DC circuits using switches, resistors, microphones, and capacitors. Over the course of the class we will be creating simplified working circuit boards just like the ones found in alarms, TV’s, Radio, and other electronic devices. 

Students that have completed this course, please see Electronics -Breadboard Circuits below.

**Targets State Standards for Science, Technology, and Mathematics**

Jr. Carpentry (Grades 4-H.S.)  $225

Get to math skills through the back door. In this 
class students will practice measuring, plotting, 
graphing, arithmetic, geometry, and dimensions...
but they will be focusing on building their very own
 take-home project.... not the math. Tool safety and 
instruction will be emphasized for such tools as a 
screwdriver, wrench, hammer, saw, router, drill, and various others. We will take ideas, learn how to draw and plan them out, and then have the skills to create them. We start with raw wood materials to make individualized wood projects. Students learn how to measure and calculate angles creating a blue print design for their project. They will then measure, cut, assemble, paint, stain, and engrave their very own projects to take home.
**Targets Standards for Art and Math**

Lego® Robotics (Grades 4-8) $195-- STEAM

In today’s world, it seems all students need to be equipped with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) knowledge and the creative problem-solving skills necessary to be innovative and creative thinkers.

This is a beginning course in robotics. We will be utilizing Lego Mindstorms NXT base sets. Lego Mindstorms uses a computer software platform and various Lego Robotics materials to introduce the student to computer robotic programming, building techniques, as well as problem solving strategies. Students will be involved in the development, building, and programming of a LEGO Mindstorms robot to perform desired tasks. Students will work hands-on in teams of two to design, build, and program selected robotic projects. Cause and effect learning is enhanced as the models work in conjunction with a computer and, similar to scientists working in labs, students can test and adjust their programming in real time. These projects will start with simple designs which will grow in complexity throughout the class. 

 This robotics program was designed by the creators of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics Systems (for Middle & High School students) and is a great way to introduce young students to foundational building and programming concepts.

  Students will learn –

How to collaborate in groups and teams
How to design robots for specific activities and scenarios
How to use robotics programming software on a laptop
To design, develop, and complete robotic activities and challenges

Computers and Lego Mindstorms provided

**Targets State Standards for Science, Technology, and Mathematics**

Jr. Carpentry for GIRLS (Grades 4-H.S.) $225

     This Jr. Carpentry class is specially designed for girls interested in woodworking. We         will be doing everything as in the above JR. Carpentry class with projects such as         mirrors, shelves, jewelry boxes, board games, etc. Tool safety and instruction will be         emphasized for such tools as a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, saw, router, drill, and         various others. We will take ideas, learn how to draw and plan them out, and then         have the skills to create them. We start with raw wood materials to make         individualized wood projects. Students learn how to measure and calculate angles         creating a blue print design for their project. They will then measure, cut, assemble,      paint, stain, and engrave their very own projects to take home.

**Targets Standards for Art and Math**

PE- Nerf Tag- Wednesdays (Grades 5-H.S.) $185

The whistle blows. Your teammates run onto the battlefield. You’re armed with a face-mask, re curve bow, and quiver of foam-tipped arrows. Arrows streak back and forth between you and the opposing team. You run, tuck and roll behind a blowup target for cover. Suddenly, you’re the last archer standing on your team, and it’s up to you to take out the opposing team’s target. Take part in this action-packed, adrenaline-filled form of archery! Think dodge ball but with adapted archery equipment. Play in teams, tag out your opponents with foam-tipped arrows before they tag you out! Check out this video.

**Targets State Standards for Physical Education**

NEW-- Athletics Sports Program
at Cal Fit
(Grades- 6-9)  $165 per 8 week session
A fun place for students to get out and be active, practice sports, and build friendships! They’ll be playing, exercising, and learning in a positive environment. Students will be exposed to sports such as basketball, soccer,  Spikeball, volleyball, and others. We’ll play games like Nerf, relays, and Dodgeball. Teamwork along with sportsmanlike conduct will be encouraged in games and scrimmages at the state-of-the-art facilities at California Family Fitness Rocklin Sports Center.  2511 Warren Dr. Rocklin

Discounts for multiple session enrollment available
(Grades are flexible- contact us if you have questions)
9:30-10:45 for Horizon students only
10:45- noon- OPEN to ALL students Charter and Independent

NEW- Movin' and Grovin' PE
at CalFit
(Grades K-3)
$95 per 8 week session

Kids are motivated by FUN! In this class, kids will be running, jumping, stretching as well as working on teamwork, strengthening, and hand-eye coordination all wrapped in fun games and activities. We will be playing such games as Parachute, Tag, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Soccer, Obstacle Courses, Relays, Red Rover, Mother May I? and others all on the beautiful indoor soccer field at CalFit. Please have your kiddos wear tennis shoes and clothes to move around in.

We hope to see you there!