After my son took the Jr. Carpentry class, he came home and fixed our sprinklers.  He took the initiative, shopped for the right part, and had the confidence to do the job!
Thanks Mr. A!
     --Helen D.
Mrs. A and her IEW class was a life saver!
My son, Brendan was at Boy Scout camp with my husband, Brad. One of the Merit Badge requirements Brendan had to complete was writing a brief description of an endangered bird, the Snowy Plover. Brad downloaded several papers about the bird for Brendan and the other boys, but was (deeply) concerned about Brendan’s willingness to write the paper, because he’s seen writing requirements get in Brendan’s way in the past: frustration, more frustration, tears: you know how it goes.
Well, not this year!  I wish you could have heard the amazement in Brad’s voice as he described how Brendan read the source material and then just sat there and wrote it—just banged it out. It had to be 120 words and Brendan wrote 125. And (Brad said in awe) “I read it and it was GOOD! It even had a great first sentence. And I said “ I have GOT to tell Jennifier Androkitis! Because it’s her writing class! Thank you so much for teaching that class!  
 Elizabeth G.

I would like to start off by saying thank you.  Thank you!  Your classes are great.  My daughter learns so much and enjoys it.  She comes home with so
much more then I would have expected to come out of a class.  Keep up the great, wonderful, and loving job that the both of your do!
Amber M.

Rocketry is AWESOME!!!
I could not believe these rockets went 200 feet in the air.!!!  Some dropped candy others exploded water balloons.... Awesome!!!!!
Daniel E.
Mr. A's carpentry and building classes gave my children amazing life skills they could not get anywhere else. There's not too many people out there who can build a house from the ground up!  I'm so impressed with what my children are able to do now!  Danielle M.
The teachers are engaging and warm.  It is a wonderful family run business.  Mr. and Mrs. A are homeschoolers themselves: they are educated, experienced, and they give so much to the students. My daughter loves to go to Hands in Motion Classes--Jan K.
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