Student Materials for Spring 2022
In-Person or Hybrid Classes
Please have these by the 1st day of class. 
Most charters will cover the cost of these materials.
If you are registered for a in-person class NOT listed below, all materials will be provided in class.

Due to COVID restrictions: if you are in Science, Jr.Carpentry, Nerf, or Engines please bring your own pair of safety glasses with your name marked on them.  Thank you!
Games in the Gym
Grades 4-8
Ready, Set, Go!  Please be sure in this class to wear closed toe shoes. No crocks or sandals.  Please no black bottom shoes as they mark up the gym floor.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and may want to bring a water bottle.

Hands on Science
Grades 4-8 
We are ready to dive into science.  Our science curriculum is scheduled for the entire school year.  After finishing Chemistry and part of Physics in the Fall, we will be finishing the Physics book and moving into Biology in January. The textbooks are required.  We will have copies available for rental.  SEE BELOW. However, you may purchase your own copies. The lab books are optional.  Siblings may share the same textbook.
Real Science 4 Kids   Middle School or Level 1 (they are identical)
Spring Session Begins with Physics and ends with Biology

They can be purchased on Amazon, Rainbow Resource & others.
Engine Repair
Grades 5-H.S.
"Start your engines!"  Please wear clothes appropriate for working on engine parts.  You may get dirty.  Closed toe shoes and safety glasses required.  Some students may choose to wear gloves. Students will have the opportunity to bring in their own engines to work on. (not auto)

Nerf Rival Wars 
Grades 4-9
Nerf battles in the gym!
For this class, please be sure to have a pair of safety glasses and tennis shoes without black bottoms as they mark up the gym.  Guns and ammo are provided in class, however, you are welcome to bring your own Nerf Rival gun with your name clearly marked on it. 

Story of the World
Grades 4-8
We’ll turn the pages of “The Story of the World” history curriculum as we take an integrated approach to the history of the whole world. Creating such projects as sugar-cube castles, make our own paper, and concoct a cauldron of Eye-of-Newt Soup.  Required Student Text Book:  
The Story of the World Volume 2:  The Middle Ages
Siblings may share textbooks.  Books can be purchased at Rainbow Resource,  Amazon, and others
If you would like to reserve a book please complete the below PayPal for a $25 rental fee. One rental fee will include all 3 books for the year. 
  Limited quantities.
Students need to bring their own sewing machine weekly.

Fabric, pins, seam ripper, scissors, sewing needle, thread, , seam gauge, soft measuring tape, pin cushion, threader, and thimble will be needed.

Architectural Drafting and Model Building- Thursdays
Grades 4-H.S.
“Bringing it to life”! Learn to make 2D blueprints and have it leap off the page into a 3D model. Some drafting tools are required. You may purchase a great set on Amazon or something similar.
All Balsa wood, drafting paper, and other materials provided.

Jr. Carpentry
Grades 4-H.S.
Students will be measuring, calculating angles, drawing blue prints, cutting, assembling, staining, and engraving their very own take-home wood projects.  Please wear clothing that can get dirty.  Students need a pair of safety glasses, small measuring tape, and a pencil for class time.  All other materials will be provided.
Please wear closed-toe shoes.

Book Rental: Student's Name
Writing: How to Write an Essay- Tuesdays
(Grades 4-8)
We will be exploring the world of creative writing. No text is required but a copy of “The Story of the World” Vol. 2 by Susan Wise Bauer will be helpful.  We will be using some themes from The Middle Ages during the session.
Please bring a binder with college rule paper and pencils to class.
This class is a good complement to the Story of the World class.

​Architectural Model Building- Tuesdays
Grades 4-H.S.
We will not be doing drafting in this class.  All Balsa wood and other materials are provided.